Medical Needs and Surgery

My primary fundraising goal is to help with the conclusion of a successful plastic surgery with Dr. Shan Baker at the University of Michigan. I have had Moh’s surgery to remove a region from my nose where Basal Cell Carcinoma was identified. My forehead has been pulled down to cover the void left behind from Moh’s surgery.  My doctors are also treating me for anemia, bone and joint pain from an AC Joint separation I suffered years ago. The source of pain in my foot has not been identified yet. I have no transportation and need help getting to my many appointments.  I am a senior at the University of Michigan but only have 114 credits and my student loans are maxed out. I made the unfortunate mistake of not going to community college first and transferring credits which would have saved a substantial portion of my student loans.  Please see link above if you interested in helping out. Any help is appreciated greatly! I have some invention aspirations in the transportation, computer science fields which are on hold indefinitely…



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I believe that the changes in IPv6 are great for the existing Internet. The problem ensues that it may not be appropriate for the Internet of Things to play in this protocol. I’m not convinced that my refrigerator and tv can talk on the Internet using only this protocol with a high degree of success. The primary problem with TCP/IP that i see is that unpredictable traffic patterns are assumed. People and hacked machines make the system unpredictable. Machines are in fact capable of producing much more predictable traffic patterns and these two entities are different in far more ways than people WANT to recognize .  The big plan is a merger of man and machine but it is not practical to do so in this way. It is practical to build a separate predictable traffic path and create networks capable of balancing the two different types of traffic. I love the idea of automated accounting, medical sign up, citizenship verification. The predictable traffic patterns hold FAR MORE POTENTIAL than the current non predictable traffic. New companies and developers never seem to come together to avert selling a bunch of toys ill-advised to buy. In a sense technology has too much in common with drug trafficking. I’m looking for Desktop computers to survive despite mobile technology being the premium choice for the H2H networks that exist today. See the link below for some background on TCP/IP and how the Outer Net is envisioned.

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M2M and H2H Communication

I think there are few people that now recognize that the Internet of Things is near. I think that the industry has failed us all by putting man and machine in the same TCP/IP protocol as there must be a way to divide this. If machine communication is only as secure as current communication is then we should all shiver. The first 25 years was all about enabling human control, exchange in the Internet. The next 25 years will be about enabling machine control, exchange in the Internet. Software Defined Networks will play a role in this evolution, more people should be looking into everything about the Internet of Things. The grid of the Internet means that all applications are really just chained iteration loops in a fundamental way. You can think of it being turned inside out and can see a micro and macro perspective. Everything today was built to accommodate the human and our many needs. Machines will simply get to business in a much more direct fashion. I envision future networks engaging in a 2 or 3 plane framework. Half of a future network will be automated and half of it will be the old system we live in today. Group collaboration has a synaptic quality to it because the best solutions can migrate forward and drive information revolution.  The first plane is exceptionally built for the social role, enables a solid spy framework. A new framework must now evolve, you are seeing it start with many M2M languages instead of one. They are now negotiating the intersection of those languages. Soon they will seek to deploy a wider reaching robot framework, hopefully it isn’t directly in my service line because I don’t see that working out well. I’m currently intrigued about speculation of an Outer Net deployed in space.

Seeking donors for my education — please consider donating today!  Please Seek my name at to donate,  ALL proceeds go directly to the  University of Michigan

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